General Policies and Procedures

Non-Discrimination Policy

  • HIV/AIDS Policy
  • Christ-centered University
  • Chapel Attendance is mandatory for day students but optional for evening students
  • Our class sessions begin with devotions and or prayer

Computer Usage Policy

  • No food or drink in the labs
  • Keep labs clean
  • No music in the labs or within the building

Residence Policy:

  • Students wishing to live in NU accommodation must apply each semetser
  • Appropriate fees must be paid before taking up residence
  • Apart from accommodation fees, students pay: Transportation fees Meal fees

Attendance Policy

  • Be Punctual and Attend Classes on time
  • Working Full Time – Not practical for day students. Professional students must be dedicated to school as they are to work
  • Absence – Know the maximum number of times to miss classes. When you exceed that, you are automatically deregistered!

Click the Orange link below to access the Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism Policy

Tuition Payment Policy

  • Full tuition fees must be paid before attending any class
  • CPS students pay their tuition before the commencement of each course
  • Please do not seek to make appointments to negotiate payment of tuition fees. This policy is not negotiable.
  • Any amounts equal to or greater than K200,000 must be paid at the bank

Work Study Policy

  • DAY students receiving Financial Aid (FA) are required to participate in Work Study
  • You will be assigned an area to work throughout the Semester

Refund Policy


Day Students

CPS Students

Week 1


Week 1


Week 2


Week 2


Week 3


After Week 3 there should be no refund.

After Week 2 there should be no refund.

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