Student Responsiblity and Conduct

Student Responsibilities

  • Your first priority is education
  • Respect for yourself and other members of the University community
  • Conflict Resolution in amicable ways
  • Doing your part in Learning Teams for 3 & 4th year
  • Maintaining the highest ethical standard in your interaction with faculty, staff and fellow students

Student Conduct

You are not allowed to:

  • Present other people‚Äôs work as your own (plagiarism)
  • Alter or falsify University documents, records
  • Disrupt the educational, administrative processes or other campus functions
  • Abuse (physically or otherwise) on or off campus any member of the University community (or anyone else for that matter)
  • Steal campus property or steal from members of the University community
  • Damage campus property
  • Possess or sell illegal drugs, alcohol and other behavior-altering substances
  • Possess dangerous items or deadly weapons
  • Engage in lewd, indecent, or disorderly behavior
  • Provide false information about the University
  • Solicit or assist others to act in any of the activities addressed above
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